The IT Services Economics Group is a research group within the Technology Management, Economics and Policy Program of the School of Industrial and Management Engineering, which belongs to the College of Engineering at Seoul National University. The group, which includes 9 researchers, is headed by Prof. Dr. Jorn Altmann.The research of the group centers on the interdisciplinary aspects of Internet technologies, economics, and sociology. The group analyzes the efficiency of technology, technology markets, and the impact of technology. Based on the analysis results, the group makes policy recommendations, develops new decision support systems and Internet technologies, which achieve economically efficient resource allocation based on economic and sociological models. These technologies are created in several areas, ranging from Cloud computing, Internet data centers, peer-to-peer networks, optical networks, Internet interconnection to services. Currently, two research projects are funded externally:
  • One(Towards Automated Interaction between the Internet and the Carrier Grade Management Ecosystems): One is funded by the European Commission and the Korean National Research Foundation. The IT Services Economics Group focuses on the economic and market aspect of the technologies developed within the project.
  • IDChar (Capacity Planning for Cloud Providers): The project focuses on the development of planning models and decision support tools for Cloud services, helping them to reduce cost for infrastructure services.
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