Research Area Just as computer science technology impacts existing economic structures, the application of economic principles can have a significant impact on the performance of new technologies. From the application of these economic principles, technologies emerge which are simple and increase social welfare. Our research centers on interdisciplinary research between economics, sociology, and computer science. This includes the economic analysis of existing technologies, the development of new information systems, and the modeling of systems. In particular, we are interested in:
  • Controlling systems through pricing
  • Economically efficient allocation of resources
  • Analysis of technical systems

The primary application area of the research group is infrastructure for networked systems, such as:

  • Computer networks (optical networks, peer-to-peer networks, ad-hoc networks)
  • Interconnection of (any type of) networks (ISP interconnection, networked industries)
  • Software services (SaaS, IaaS, Web2.0)
  • Knowledge networks (and its knowledge transfer and knowledge creation)
  • ICT for electricity networks (especially renewable energy)
  • Market places for resources
  • Grid computing and cloud computing
  • Network science
  • Service science
  • Charging and accounting
  • Pricing
  • Business intelligence systems
  • Business support systems
  • Decision support systems
  • Social network systems
  • e-infrastructures

In order to realize this, we implement prototypes, design analytical model, simulate systems, apply game theory, design market mechanisms, perform analytical analysis, conduct social network analysis, or perform measurements.

Research Projects The research projects that are currently conducted are:
Former Projects
The expertise of our research group is reflected in the collection of former projects, in which members of our group were involved. The list of former projects comprises:
  • GridEcon
    The overall goal of the project "Grid Economics and Business Models", which is funded by the EU under the Framework Programme FP6, Priority IST, Objective Advanced Grid Technologies, Systems, and Services, is to advance the functionality of existing Grid technology with respect to its capability to allow the economics-aware operation of Grid applications. A consortium of Grid technology and service experts, of computer scientists and economists is developing necessary solutions and extensions to the Grid technology so that new Grid business models can be implemented.
  • IDChar
    The project "Inter-domain Charging", which is funded by the DAAD, focuses on inter-domain charging between network service providers (NSPs). The project investigates the economic efficiency of different charging schemes and designes a new charging sceme that requires the identification of an initiator of an internet traffic flow.
Research Links
As a service for fellow researcher working in our fields of interest we have collected links to people, conferences and literature about different topics: