ONE Project


ONE is a collaborative project (STREP) from the competition FP7-ICT-2009-5 which started on September 1, 2010.


  • ONE addresses three important trends in cross-layer network management systems: programmability, semantic adaptation, and orchestration.

  • ONE's main goal is to contribute to these trends, especially in the context of the integration of high-speed optical transmission and switching with the future internet.

  • In many ways, ONE is a next-generation network management architecture, novel SOA-based prototype systems and a telecom operator's tool at the same time.

  • ONE has a unique focus on next-generation coordinated network management systems, which has not been addressed to date.

  • ONE envisions network management of the future to be a coordinated ecosystem of manifold network management systems, where telecom carriers can use a combination of manual Programmability, Smart Analytics, and Automatic network management.

  • Due to the existence of human-in-the-control-loop, this combination, rather than any single solution, will optimally leverage efforts for full automation of network management.

  • The following analogy applies:  just like auto-pilot compliments (and does not replace) alive presence of a pilot, future network management will execute programmable scripts which combine and do not mutually exclude aspects of full automation and human decision making.

  • To this end, and in order to enhance cross-layer dynamic provisioning, configuration, fault detection and response in complex multi-service networks, the workflow programmability is critical.

  • In the same analogy, just like a pilot changes procedure(scripts) depending on aircraft and weather conditions, but retains many operational practices equal for all air crafts and conditions, the telecom carrier will actually program their management workflows based on type of networks, their interactions, traffic conditions, internal practices, etc. while maintaining certain operations unaltered.

  • ONE is addressing this trend by offering the network management workflow programmability, with a broad spectrum of combined and custom-tailored functionalities ranging from manual, automated to fully autonomic workflows.


The Deliverables:


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