Service Science

Definitions of Service Science

  • Service science is the study of the application of the resources of one or more systems for the benefit of another system in economic exchange.(Spohrer, J., L. C. Anderson, N. J. Pass, T. Ager & D. Gruhl,2008 “Service Science. )
  • Service Science is about integration, optimization and sustainability (IBM SSME Symposium, 2007)
  • Service Science can be seen as an inter-disciplinary activity which attempts to unite various areas based on trans-displinary (or cross-disciplinary collaboration). (IBM SSME Symposium,2007)
  • Service Science is defined as a new discipline “to merge technology with an understanding of business processes and organization and to understand how that capability can be delivered in an efficient and profitable way” (Zhao, J. L. & M. Tanniru & L. Zhang ,2007).”
  • Service science is a(n) (inter)disciplinary field that “combines organization and human understanding with business and technological understanding to categorize and explain the many types of service systems that exist as well as how service systems interact and evolve to co-create value” (Maglio and Spohrer 2008, p. 18).


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