Network Economics

References to People working on Internet Pricing

  • Andrew Odlyzko’s papers about pricing for network services.
  • Burkhard Stiller works on charging and accounting.
  • Peter Marbach uses a game theory approach to set prices for network services.
  • Hal Varian: The Information Economy, a broad selection of links and papers about the information economy
  • Microsoft research papers on Internet pricing
  • IBM’s research papers on Internet pricing
  • Frank Kelly’s page about Proportional Fairness
  • Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason, paper


References to People working on Internet Economics

  • Bernardo Huberman analysis the econology of information systems. His papers cover a broad range.
  • Hal Varian: The Information Economy, a broad selection of links and papers about the information economy


References to Sites with References to Papers

  • Papers presented at the Internet Economics Workshop, May 1996, and published in ‘Internet Economics’ by Lee W. McKnight and Joseph P. Bailey


List of Papers on Pricing and Internet Economics


User Interfaces for QoS Selection


Quality of Service Architectures


QoS Routing


Projects about Pricing and Charging

  • INternet Demand EXperiment (INDEX)

This project is a market trial for measuring the willingness of users to pay for different QoS. Its long-term objectives are to identify the key parameters for user perception of service quality, quantify the correlation between application type and service demand, and measure the economic value that individual users place on distinct activities and network resource levels.


  •  Market-Managed Multi-Services Internet (M3I)
The goal of this project is to design, implement and trial a next-generation system which will enable Internet resource management through market forces, specifically by enabling differential charging for multiple levels of service.
  • Charging and Accounting for the Internet (CATI)
The project CATI consists of two subprojects, one focuses on Internet protocols to support charging and accounting for existing and future Internet services, and another one that demonstrates these technologies with real-world applications. 
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